Saturday, August 19, 2006


When it comes to primary school or high school or any other school for that matter, the one thing everybody loves is going on class excursions to where ever. During my time in school, these pleasure trips were greated with much enthusiasm. They were a chance to get out and away from those hard-chaired, chewing-gummed tables of the classroom.

Today's excursion (yay) with my Earth and Environmental class to Sandon Point in Bulli was different for three reasons. Firstly because at the end of it we would be tested on what we had learnt, forcing me to actually pay attention to the guide and not to perfecting my rock-skimming skills.
Secondly, it lasted four horibble, oh so horrible hours. Four hours in the sun. With no breaks. Just looking at rocks. And surrounded by fat women bending over to pick up pebbles.
And finally (any ordinary man by now would have knocked himself unconscious), if all that wasn't enough, it's a Saturday!

How things change...


Anonymous Anonymous said while widly gesticulating...

At least you don't have an exam tomorrow.

8:36 PM

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